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Dear business friends,

    welcome to the website of ACC Lomac, Ltd. company. ACC Lomac was established in 2006 and executive of this company is in business since 1994. Our accounting office provides complete accounting service of all kinds, personal agenda and tax and accounting consultancy. Our clients are both, individual and legal entity.

We are doing our job right on time and we provide guarantee for eventual mistakes up to price dealt in contract.

We are using accounting software POHODA and TAX by STORMWARE Jihlava corp.   .

Economic results are submitted due to client's wish and we are monthly able to report in czech, english and german translation. All outputs from accounting can be delivered also in electronic version. Our company's motto is to do a professional work for an affordable price. Let us solve your accounting and personal agenda and get rid of your problems.

    I belive in Your satisfaction...
    Marie Majtanová
    executive of company

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