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We offer

I. Continual financial service

    Accounting agenda

  • double-entry bookkeeping
  • tax accounting
  • keeping records for the purposes of the VAT law and a summary report
  • processing of returns (from VAT tax, income tax and road tax) at required time
  • processing year-end closing of accounts, including inventory
  • report from the accounting according to client needs
  • filing and submitting of the INTRASTAT statement

    Payroll processing and human resources staff

  • staff's payroll processing (reports, pay slips, payroll, payment order, etc.)
  • human resources management (exposure applications, cancellations, invoices, etc.)
  • processing of the annual tax on income from employment or other taxes.
  • archiving of all necessary records and documents

II. Other services

  • One-time processing of tax records
  • Issue of all types of returns (declarations)
  • Tax and accounting consultancy
  • Foundation of Ltd. company
  • Lease of business address, including mail box
  • Tools rent - chainsaws, brushcutters, drilling, cutting and powerbead machines
  • Other services by agreement

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